Alcohol Inks on Canvas Workshop Thursday Sept. 13 6:30-9pm

Alcohol Inks on Canvas Workshop Thursday Sept. 13 6:30-9pm


Welcome to the alluring world of alcohol inks! In this workshop in my Georgetown, Seattle studio you will learn how to use alcohol inks on canvas. We will be creating 2 12x12 paintings. There will be a short tutorial and review of all materials needed prior to starting.

Whats included:

Alcohol inks, two 12x12 canvases and everything need to create your art piece including encouraging instruction, light appetizers and beverages.

*You may purchase extra canvases in other sizes during the class as time allows.


Kiplee Art Studio One A - Fogue Studios and Gallery 5519 Airport Way S. Seattle, WA 98108


Thursday September 13, 2018


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Emerging Artist Student Spring Exhibit.  Beginning this fall students will have the opportunity to learn all that I am learning and continue to learn and use it to develop their own unique style.   I believe in empowering others to find their art "voice".  I am offering a student art exhibit that will be held next spring in May-early June.  To be included the interested student must meet the following criteria:

1. Be enrolled in 1+ of my workshops per month so that we can build skils, practice and I can encourage you. 

2. Create art outside of my art studio workshops and have the work reviewed by me. This is an important way to build confidence and discover new paths of art. You'll be required to bring samples of your work to "open paint" drop in days/evenings for review and you can work on them in my studio. 

3. Participate in volunteer efforts in your own community of arts.  It is important that we give back.  Schools, art centers, churches, community and senior centers LOVE volunteers.  I do it and I want you to as well.  It will give you back ten fold what you give out. 

4.  At the end of April I will begin accepting art submissions.   I will review submissions from students and jury 1-3 works of art from each student that enters to be in the Emerging Artist Student Spring Exhibit in Studio One A.  During the one day exhibit you will have the opportunity to invite your family and friends and have the art available for sale.  I will retain a 20% commission and 80% will go to the artist. This will also teach you about pricing your art and the world of art contests and gallery submissions. 


Lets art the world together <3